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We specialize in developing and
manufacturing robotic solutions for the graphics industry

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Increased Productivity

Graphic Robotics offers specialized automation solutions that significantly enhance productivity in the print industry. By deploying robots for pre- and post-press tasks, companies can streamline their operations, reduce manual labor, and optimize workstations.

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Improved Working Environment

Manual labor in the graphics industry often leads to a deterioration in the working environment, impacting employees’ health and well-being. Graphic Robotics aims to alleviate this by replacing heavy, single-type lifting tasks with robotic automation. 

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Enhanced Quality

With Graphic Robotics’ automation solutions, companies can achieve higher quality standards in their printing processes. Robots provide precise and consistent handling, separation, and airing of paper in various formats and grammage. 


We develop turnkey solutions for pre- and post-press tasks. We also devise tailored solutions for individual production. Our core skills are within handling, separation, and airing of paper in various formats and grammage

We help companies become more efficient through automation, with a focus on increased productivity, quality, and the working environment. We aim to eliminate heavy and single-type lifting in the graphics industry through robotics. A particular advantage of deploying robots is the resulting increase in productivity and quality. Robots are also able to cope with situations where task changes are frequent. Our approach optimizes workstations where employees would typically handle paper throughout various work stages and processes.

Many graphics companies use manual labor to handle paper; in many cases, this leads directly to a deterioration in the working environment, which can negatively impact employees’ health. Manual tasks often rely on employees’ physical strength and their ability to lift. Throughout a shift, this can decline. Robots do not have this problem: they work continuously without any slackening of tempo.


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